Giving voice and support to survivors of gender-based violence

Our Mission

"The Phephisa Survivors Network exists to give voice to survivors and to advocate for safer environments for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in South Africa"

Our Objectives

  • To provide safe spaces for survivors to heal through their network of survivor support groups
  • To mobilise survivors to speak out about issues that directly affect them
  • To influence community stakeholders and faith leaders to act to prevent and respond positively to issues related to SGBV in their communities
  • To hold governments accountable to implement policies and practices that support suvivors of SGBV



There are two categories of membership, namely:


1. FULL MEMBERSHIP: Survivors of SGBV who are activie participants and recognised members of a survivor support group that relates to the Phephisa Survivors Network, and


2. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: Individuals, groups and organisations aligned with, and supportive of, the mission and objectives of the Phephisa Surviviors Network.


The Phephisa Survivors Network is a registered not-for-profit voluntary association of members governed by our Constitution

Some Background

In June 2013, Tearfund UK conducted a survivor needs assessment in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This assessment explored deep-seated unexpressed painful experiences and gaps in the system that had left the survivors deeply wounded, without practical care and support. The assessment allowed survivors to be vulnerable and face their pain and experience being in a safe space that allowed for a therapeutic reflection and healing of a very painful past. Some shared the importance of being accepted without judgment and above all to be in the company of people who had similar trauma and were searching for healing.


A key outcome of this process highlighted the interest among survivors to break their silence and explore the potential for a peer support movement. Thirty-seven survivors across five communities who took part in the assessment started meeting informally in their communities to share their stories and struggles, with support of the Tearfund team. These groups became the starting point for the establishment of the Phephisa Survivors Network.


Contact Us:

Phone Number: +27 73 073 3763




Facebook: @Phephisa-Survivors-Network


Physical Address:

20 Diakonia Avenue, Room #11, Durban